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Algemene techniek / productiedatum van banden
« Gepost op: februari 25, 2008, 11:18:04 am »
Hi Cors,

I have found one picture in my records.

The four digit code gives, like you say, the fabication date.
The first two indicates the WEEK and the last two indicate the YEAR.
So as you can see of this picture it say DOT 1505 (Somewhere in April of 2005)

This is a good point Cors to bring in the attention, because there are several people driving with tires older than 10 years and that become very dangerous.
Old tires become porosity and that will affect the driving experience.
A big part of the suspension characteristic's is achieved by the tires, so be alert!

Insert Image:

41,8 KB

Algemene techniek / productiedatum van banden
« Gepost op: februari 25, 2008, 01:00:38 am »
Hi Cors,

You know that to be more effective you need to put here pictures!


Cobra: algemene discussie / Inloop olie
« Gepost op: februari 25, 2008, 00:52:03 am »

We have a member that knows a lot about oils, he has put some answers at this forum. Hi member name is Jan-Willem Engle

Read this thread:

On this thread you can also read about the brake-in oil with the required ZDDP value.

The best for a "Brake-In" period oil is the one that is "mineral" is not "detergent" and has the highest value of ZDDP.
So almost you come in the oil that is made for turbo diesels engines.

The new rules in the USA has force the manufactures to drop the ZDDP values and that is very dangerous for the CAM lobes and other valve related parts.
There is shock wave going on in the USA and almost all the CAM manufactors blame the oil for the tremendous amount of CAM failure in the last couple of years.
The EU is not so stringent in this ZDDP value, they see in a different way and most of the EU oils have a better level of ZDDP compared to the USA oils.
So not all the things that come from the USA are so good as they like to tell us.

To come back to the brake-in oil, just use the mineral turbo diesel oil, just follow the instructions of Porsche and you would be fine.



Cobra: algemene discussie / Vette olie in je motor
« Gepost op: februari 25, 2008, 00:34:12 am »
So you mean that 20W50 of Quaker State is "Vetter" than other kind of oil with the same 20W50 nomination?

I wonder what means than the nomination grade 20W50???????

Nice talk! but the only thing that I know is that the refinery process will be different between a Gulf Area petroleum and the USA petroleum due to the big difference in "Sulfur"

EXXON and Shell have totally difference refinery process "Flexicoker" vs. "Hycon" and really it is there in the process where it make the big differences.
You know it is economics and at the same time quality.
But a "Grade Nomination" (20W50) should be equivalent for all the brands.



Cobra: algemene discussie / cobra huren ???? waar ????
« Gepost op: februari 18, 2008, 20:55:58 pm »
Hi Dennis,

I have done this several times, but never for money.

There are always conditions and the most difficult is the time of the year, you know the summer is always better than the winter. (May till September)

Drive a Cobra in the rain is not a nice idea in particular if this is one of the your first runs with a Cobra. En second because the visuality is not so good with the soft-top.

In one of the marriage we did use a huge umbrella to cover the lovers, the speed was nothing so the umbrella could hold the little rain.

Timing is an other factor, I live in Schiedam and it takes 1.5 hours to be at Almere so everything after 12:00 is better.

The car should be finish, I hope that I am done at that time.

So I am open for the idea, but I have a huge problem I don't have Ford I just have a Chevy engine, perhaps is that a problem?.

I don't have side-pipes (better for your lover, no burned legs)

Visit my site and you will see that the color is blue with white stripes.
I understand and talk Dutch but I don't write it, sorry for that!

Best regards,

Totally Dax / plaatsing brandstofleiding
« Gepost op: februari 18, 2008, 20:24:09 pm »
That is a nice one Rob!

Arjen you can use the LPG copper lines (big ones) those are protected with a plastic.
Read the LPG installation rules about the routing of the lines and you can conclude that should be OK for gasoline too.


The Cobra shop is open / hallibrand
« Gepost op: februari 18, 2008, 20:17:59 pm »
Hi Jay,

I have visited Juantxo (an other Bask) last summer and he has change the outer rims of the wheels to solve the looks.
Hi didn't like the way the wheel looks forced by the SVA in a Cobra.

On my site, under "About Me" you can see how the new setup looks.
There you can see that the rear wheels are just at the edge of the body.

So I don't think that he want to sale it.


Totally Dax / plaatsing brandstofleiding
« Gepost op: februari 10, 2008, 23:03:47 pm »
Hi Arjen,

Every car, even your daily car has the fuel lines under the car, close to the road.
So don't worry because a fuel line is strong enough to resist the "normal" road debris.

For your information:
- I have 3/8" stainless steel fuel lines.
- They rub at the edge of the chassis in the channel between the chassis and the body, there is there a welded strip that holds the body, just under this strip.

According the USA rules there is not allow to put fuel take-off at the bottom of the tank, so I work with a top take-off and with a high pressure pump for the injection, so the first run of the lines are not via the differential route but just via the outer chassis member close to the wheel.

The routing you can find in my 3D pictures here at the forum.

But because you like to use the mechanical fuel pump you need to have as low as possible pressure drop in the system, so running the line low is a solution.
Although you can work with a top take-off at the tank (say run the line high) but to have that way, you will need to run a pipe inside the tank (always at the liquid level) so that you get a continuous siphon effect. Priming will take a wile or two!

Anyway the lines under the car is OK no problem with that.

To have a check you can use a big stone and through it against a piece of the line and see the effect.

Convince you should do your self!!!!!!!!!!!


Motoren en versnellingsbakken / 650 paarden onder de kap?
« Gepost op: februari 10, 2008, 15:02:25 pm »

Perhaps is more interesting to talk about the coolant coled air intake. See the two big radiators inside the manifold, just under the plastic problem maker.

Due to the supercharges the air get hot so they have designed a internal inter-cooler, just a very nice solution from Chevrolet.


Totally Dax / plaatsing brandstofleiding
« Gepost op: februari 10, 2008, 14:48:06 pm »
Hi Arjen,
Run the line under the differential is a normal matter by a DAX, perhaps you have see a fuel tank? than you can see that the take off is at the bottom.

From there they put a hose that cross under the differential, the hose ends at the beginning of the chassis where a steel or copper line starts.

The new Tojeiro version has two holes at the cross plate, (old cars use to have a square beam there) they push the line through this hole, the other hole is for the battery cable.

Even in the new DeDion with the moving up and down round beam, they advise to run the hose under the round beam and the differential.
Not a fun situation in a DeDion with the moving beam, because the beam hits the hose all the time.
But that is a problem for the guys with a DeDion car.

Use of a mechanical pump is the best for carburated engines, the engine will get what it needs at every range of revolutions.


Overige merken / AK427 VS. DAX Tojeiro (De Dion)
« Gepost op: februari 03, 2008, 18:16:15 pm »
Hi Marcel,

First of all "Welcome to the Cobra Forum"

Very soon you will get "PM" from people that want to sale you all the kind of parts. Now be aware of it!!!

I think that you need to read a bit more about the Cobras.
If you have a "Circuit Drivers License" than you probably can handle the power that you mention.

To start with this hobby and if you are young (like I think you are) you would be happy with 250 HP till 300 HP.
We are talking here about V8 engines with a lot of torque so please never compare these engine with the "VW Rabbit" that don't have that amount of torque.

In principle it is torque what makes the fun, therefore a Jap Crap "R" Type car should never impress to most of the Cobra owners.

Compressors? NOooo... you don't need it and in fact, those are for "Sissy's" Why? just because a Cobra is a circuit car and not a drag race car.

You know that there are official importers for the Benelux of different Cobra types, like the Pilgrim, DAX and GD.
It would be the best if you take the time and have some test trips behind the wheel and not as passenger.


Overige merken / AK427 VS. DAX Tojeiro (De Dion)
« Gepost op: februari 03, 2008, 00:06:19 am »

There is always nice to dream.

500 - 600 PK???? Diesel? binnenvaartschiep (Schuit?)

Sorry I could resist the temptation.


Algemene techniek / kabeldikte
« Gepost op: januari 28, 2008, 01:28:19 am »

Perhaps this thread will help you.
If not ask Cors he knows how to solve it.


Cobra & computer (plus adressenlijst en links) / 3D model
« Gepost op: januari 23, 2008, 22:20:43 pm »

Just keeping alive this thread!

A nice picture of the rear wheel (Image 17" with 275/40 Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tire)

The exhaust has been added to "La Maquina"
Insert Image:

49,9 KB

This manifold was the most difficult part I ever build, it has such bends at different planes that I was forced to build all the planes to get a consistence shape (You can look at the inside too!)

Insert Image:

35,43 KB

Here is how it looks at the engine.

Insert Image:

49,71 KB


Het Cobra café / Nitrade
« Gepost op: januari 23, 2008, 21:37:33 pm »
Hi Ben,

Once I did got pictures of the RMC chassis and I was impress because they have done it the right way, the reinforcing is at the edges of the chassis.
For me this chassis has the same level as the ERA.

I have done more than 17 stress studies with out DAX and every time I came to the same conclusion, "If I put some small steel at the edges the improvement will be huge"

I hope to see you and the RMC in one of the meetings this year.

Best regards,
Cobra289 (Carlos)

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