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Forum mededelingen en uitleg / UITLEG FOTO’s VERKLEINEN
« Gepost op: augustus 29, 2006, 16:04:53 pm »
Resize is simple, but only once you know how to do it.

I will try to make a step by step description.

We need to download the software “JPEG Resizer”. It is free and you can download here:  <--- doesn't work!

Unzip the file and put at the directory what you want.
It doesn’t matter where you put it, it doesn’t need any installation.
It works independent from windows, so it will not write anything at your system.

Let’s say that we make a directory at the “C:” drive and we call it “Small Pictures”

Pick the file, “resizer.exe” from the unzipped directory, and set it at the new self made directory.
The rest of the files can be removed, they are not needed.

C:Small Pictures

We assume that you have all your photos at the directory

C:Fotos 2006

There we have one picture with the name “PDRM1842.JPG” (Just a fake picture to try)

See picture “Directories.jpg”
Insert Image:

<font size="1"> 36,42 KB</font id="size1">

Here you can see that the original picture has 0.98Mb

Now it is time to Double click the “resizer.exe” you will see the next screen:

See picture “start.jpg”
Insert Image:

<font size="1"> 26,79 KB</font id="size1">

We use the button “Add Files”  (at the right bottom side)

See picture “Add-Files.jpg”
Insert Image:

<font size="1"> 27,73 KB</font id="size1">

We point to the foto that we want to make smaller that is the “C:Fotos 2006PDRM1842.JPG” as we spoken above.

See picture Add-files2.jpg
Insert Image:

<font size="1"> 27,91 KB</font id="size1">
We can see now the next screen at the reziser.exe

See picture “Selected-file.JPG”
Insert Image:

<font size="1"> 28,41 KB</font id="size1">

We click now at the left side “2. Size” icon.

See picture “Size.JPG”
Insert Image:

<font size="1"> 29,12 KB</font id="size1">

Here is how it looks; we select only the marked area.

See picture Size-selection.JPG
Insert Image:

<font size="1"> 41,31 KB</font id="size1">

At the box “Make largest side fit this amount of pixels” we select 640.
This 640 can be changes but my experience is that this selection will give a nice detail and size at the forum.

Stay away from the rest, and don’t forget to mark the DOT at the left.

Now we click the icon “3. Output”

We should see the next but we need to point the software where the picture is located.
Use the “Browse” button and select the directory “C:Small Pictures”

See picture Output-01.JPG
Insert Image:

<font size="1"> 42,68 KB</font id="size1">

At the same screen we select the DOT  “Keep Filenames of source files”

See picture Output-02.JPG
Insert Image:

<font size="1"> 40,01 KB</font id="size1">

The next step is the selection of the compression.
I found that the “New Compression Factor” of 45 will give you a good result.
But if the size of the result picture is still to big (should be less than 50Kb), you need to select a larger compression.

See picture Output-03.JPG
Insert Image:

<font size="1"> 41,96 KB</font id="size1">

Don’t change anything of the other fields, till you have some experience.

The next step is the final resize.
You just click the icon "4. Resize" and you will see the next screen.

See Picture Done.jpg
Insert Image:

<font size="1"> 29,62 KB</font id="size1">


Now you can find at your directory “C:Small Pictures”

A file with the same name as the big one but it is smaller and you can place at the Forum.

The original file did have a size of 0.98Mb the new one has only 16.8Kb

See picture PDRM1842.JPG
Insert Image:

<font size="1"> 17,21 KB</font id="size1">

Please be aware that the small file has the same name as the original, so don’t make mistakes in directories by deleting the original file.
Keep always separate the directories, “Small” and Original”

<h3>FORUM Requirements</h3>
- The size should be less than 50Kb

- When you did select “Voor toevoegen attachement, klik de paperclip” and you did add the picture, you will need to scroll down at the box “Bericht”
There you will see that the attachment is placed with some other information.
If you let there, the picture will be always at the end of your post.

But when you like to have several pictures at a different location, like this post, you need to select the text that is placed at the bottom of the “Bericht” than you do a “Cut” (Knippen) and you do a “Paste” (plakken) there where you like to have the picture.

See picture forum.jpg
Insert Image:
<font size="1"> 47,35 KB</font id="size1">

- It is advisable to check it via the button “Voorbeeld”

- The pictures “Names” should not have space's in the picture name, the forum software will not accept it.

Good luck and let me know if this is understandable.


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