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Algemene techniek / techniek: lambdagetal
« Gepost op: maart 13, 2008, 01:58:14 am »
Welcome! Edwin,

But first we need to make a joke.

You make for me to complicated.
What can I win? if I tel you what is left and what is right?
Probably you have the "scheurtje" or "leak" at both sides.

Now without jokes.
Yes you O2 sensor will measure just what the words say O2 (zuurstof) so if you have a leak nor matter where it is located, the amount of O2 will be sensed.
Even a large CAM can produce erratic levels of O2.
A good exhaust will revers the flow till the plenum (the box above the manifold)

In short, my advise is to repair it, don't be to lousy and than go further with the rest.
Do you have a Catalisator?
When you say the Lamdagetal is not right, what is the value?


Timeless you are right, with a erratic Lamdagetal at the right side and the leak at the left side would be totally different.
You never know with digital injections, it is to complex!

Cobra: algemene discussie / Beveiliging: wat vindt jij?
« Gepost op: maart 13, 2008, 01:33:02 am »
Who cares!

I think that the new owner will get more problems than me!

Who is interested in the pile of sh1t?

Is it not better to steel money and build a new one, than take over the sh1t of someone else?.

Take as an example your wiring, do you think that someone else can get it thought it?

Even the bolts need to be bought in england. NOoo.. people the Cobra is interesting only for you and not for others.

Look to the seats, they are ridiculous small,  a good lousy guy weight 100 Kg and will never fit in such buckets, can you see a guy driving with one cheek at the left of the seat and........  worse is that there is no cup holder, and there is no...............

If I take a car I will take a car that  can be driven fast and not a Cobra. Take us every bump of the street, what are we doing? we drive from the left to the right and such slow...........

Look to the force that you need to make to press the clutch pedal! 5 minutes drive and the person will leave it!

NOOooooo..... people, we are the only ones that are so stup1d to drive and maintain such type of cars.
Tthe lucky bast0rd, "new owner" will scream for help when he discover some of the nasty things that we have build in our Cobras.

There are some of us that have put a PowerLock, now the new owner will scream like hell at the hospital.

Can you imagine what he is telling to the doctor?

- Doctor how can this happens, it was a ****1ng Cobra!!!!!!!
- Uhm!! Uhm!!!!!
- Yes one of those cars that when it rains you get wet and when it is sunny you get burn and when it is cloudy your girlfriend get burned legs.
- Aha! one of those!
- Yes they are very valuable (boer zoek Cobra)
- Are those the ones that have powerful stroked V8??
- Yes it has also a MSD-6 and black painted springs. (Rob no offense just a joke)
- Was it easy to drive with such amount of power?
- Now that you are talking about power, can you please check my left ankle? I have such pain in it.
- Are you insured or is your friend insured?
- I have only a "Rechtsbijstand"

Just a joke to show you how my new pills work, it is 1:32 AM and I trying to make a joke.

Welturuste of so!

Cobra & computer (plus adressenlijst en links) / Cobra 3D Works (Fotos)
« Gepost op: maart 12, 2008, 20:13:55 pm »
Hi Rob,

Never try to change the opinion of a woman! you will get in troubles!

The color is difficult because it has no metallic and it doesn't shine.

Wel the stripes should just only one stripe and never forget to put the small black stripe (10 mm in my pictures)

The wide of the stripe is determined by the standard that fits on the Cobra, that is equal to the oil cooler widest spot of the hole. Everything different will produce out of proportion shapes.

Rob ask for translation Please!

El color se parece a los de los gajumbos de my abuela cuando se iva de baile.!

Cobra & computer (plus adressenlijst en links) / Cobra 3D Works (Fotos)
« Gepost op: maart 10, 2008, 21:54:28 pm »
The last time we have design the Windscreen.
A bit complex due to the rubber flap. that will not fold at the model.
Lucky I have a old windscreen here at home and could make some measurements.
Lot of radius are involved in this screen, the top and the bottom section have a different main radius. On top of that the bottom section is bended at the edges.

But we are happy with the result.

I need to model the two edges bars but I don't have the dimensions, so a bit of guess work should be done, till we get the dimensions.

Here are some screen shot of the results.


Algemene techniek / dashbord
« Gepost op: maart 07, 2008, 00:14:06 am »
Perhaps this will help, if photos is the solution.

I made myself the dashboard by laminating and the bottom parts is wider than the new type of dash.

As you can see the tubes (capillary lines) I have three mechanical gauges. (oil press, coolant temp, fuel pressure)

But what I see of your picture it is just to much!

Check that my dash has the top body surrounding integrated.

The dash has the next features 5 gauges, 5 switches, 5 warning lamps, one main connector and one main earth, so I don't know what you did put there but it looks a bit to much.


Cobra & computer (plus adressenlijst en links) / Cobra 3D Works (Fotos)
« Gepost op: maart 06, 2008, 21:59:33 pm »
Hi Richard,
Thanks, I just have had a phone from Jan with the dimension of the lamp surface.
It is 8" = 203mm like I thought, right now in the model was 220 mm and I thought this is not right because a 7" headlamp with the ring can never make 220 mm. So I will change the model and the lamp will go back to 7".

Safety can always be improved and is the roll-bar is changed and has a better protection it would be help.
For you knowledge the top of the chassis tube of the front suspension is at the same elevation as the top bolt of the shock-absorber at the rear suspension.

Check this picture the blue line that is at the same level as the damper bolt.

I am now pretty bushy with the body and I need to finish all the changes before I save it.

Tomorrow more and better.

Cobra & computer (plus adressenlijst en links) / Cobra 3D Works (Fotos)
« Gepost op: maart 05, 2008, 23:13:45 pm »
Hi Richard,

I am here to help, CAD drawings or fabrication drawings are easy to made as long as the concept is defined, so don't worry about it.

When you talk about safety aspect than there are other rules that governs.
To have a safe roll-bar you need to trace an imaginary line that goes from the top of the roll-bar till the top of the front suspension member. In a DAX that would be the horizontal beam at the top of the suspension.
Now your head (including helmet) should be under these imaginary line.

From the above mentioned you can conclude that the real safe roll-bar will be a bit high for the looks that we are pleased.

There are more rules for an approved roll-bar but I mention only the one that force the looks.

But create something in between will always help.
So when I was trying for the "Rush" type I was thinking to the F1, they make an strong sharp top bend, this bend push high the design but because it drops very fast it doesn't disturb the looks.

Think about the next:
One real working roll-bar will help more than two nice shaped but not effective roll-bars. Even the passenger will be protected with one bar, as long as it is strong.

The most difficult part to make strong is that we don't have steel (chassis) to support the roll-bar brace. I think that the vertical square tube the DAX put there is good enough for the safety belt but not for a roll-bar brace.

Here a new shot with the horizontal section.

I am very bushy right now with all the things running at the same time.
I think that the looks from this one is better, check that has some harmony with the stripes.
It is always harmony what governs that we like or not.
So keep in mind that stripes is a reference!

Has someone the diameter of the flat face where the headlamp is fixed???????
I can't access to my Cobra that is the reason why I ask it.

Best regards,

Mischa you have mail!

Cobra & computer (plus adressenlijst en links) / Cobra 3D Works (Fotos)
« Gepost op: maart 05, 2008, 20:55:09 pm »
Oorspronkelijk geplaatst door buttonics

In onderstaande link staat een foto van een rolbeugel. Misschien dat ie iets "golvender" moet worden. Ik ben heel benieuwd hoe die op een cobra zou staan.
Gr. Richard

Hi Richard,

Here bellow you can see the result of the roll-bar as the mentioned picture but with a more rounded shape.

To be honest, this is not something that I can say, "YES! it looks wonderful"
A MX5 can have it, but our Cobras with all the clean round forms has more difficulties with the shape.

Look for your self, perhaps is my interpretation not what you mention, and need some changes, but the main idea will remain.

But please never take my opinion as a governing thing, I am vulnerable like everyone so what I like is not a what you like etc. etc.

Perhaps we need to ask the opinion of the members.

Now people! what do you think?????


Cobra & computer (plus adressenlijst en links) / Cobra 3D Works (Fotos)
« Gepost op: maart 05, 2008, 17:32:41 pm »

Here is and close-up of the orange Cobra.
It has take 45 minutes to render due to the carbon fiber pattern.
Probably the pattern is to big at this picture, but it takes to much time to render to take a second shot.

If someone like to have a rendering with some specific color, just post it here a sample of the color, I can make some trials.


Cobra & computer (plus adressenlijst en links) / Cobra 3D Works (Fotos)
« Gepost op: maart 05, 2008, 15:56:51 pm »

Thanks Ben for the nice words.

Don't worry, I know how much time it cost so be patient is the first thing that you need to have with 3D world.

I have made two rendering with the colors that you did mention.
I did use different lighting and different studio.
Check the results.
Regarding the body model sharing, you know that this a bit difficult, just because I have learn from the past.
There is a typical people behavior, one do the work and some one else take the advance of it and make some profit.

But I can tell you I will not let you down. The model is huge , it is 366Mb.

The head lamp has a Decal at the front side with the lighting set to "constant".
I did intend to replicate it but it is a huge work to carve the inside of the glass.

Can someone let me know what is the diameter of the body at the head lamp? I am in doubt about the right size.


Cobra & computer (plus adressenlijst en links) / Cobra 3D Works (Fotos)
« Gepost op: maart 05, 2008, 12:36:51 pm »
Oorspronkelijk geplaatst door mischa

hoe heb je de vorm van de body bepaalt? ingescand met een laserscanner. en werk je veel met sldw.
ik kan er aardig mee overweg. Maar wat jij maakt is erg mooi.

Hi Mischa,
I am glad that you have take the time and in particular I am happy to find and other SW user.

The Body.
I have a mesh model that comes from 3DS and I know that this body was made using "Photogrametry" so it has the right shape and size.
Photogrametry works as follow: You use an existing car and you glue dots (stickers) at a determined distance, like sections of the car, but you can put the dots the way you like.
The important here is that you know in real life the distance between the dots.
Now you make photos and you give to the software the distance between the dots, you need at least 5 or 6 dots, now these software will create a solid or a surface from the picture, by interpolation of the other points.
These method is also used at the USA for "accident reconstruction"

Anyway, the mesh model that I have has the correct shape and size, I did check and the wheel base is 2282 mm = DAX  the original has 2286 mm

These imported in SW surface is worthless because you can't do anything with it.
So what I did: Make a solid box at every 250 mm and trace the intersection shape (Mesh to Solid) with a 3D sketch, so there was a lot of 3D sketches and we need to have surfaces.
The next step was to create a "Lofted Surface" to create that you need to have some guides lines between the 3D Sketch, so I made them just by joint the points between the 3D Sketch's.

I have divide and build the Cobra in 5 areas:
Engine area; Front wing; Drivers room, Rear wing; and the boot.
The right side was just mirrored.
The wheel box hole was mad just by projecting a "Split Line" once it is right you can delete the surface and you get the hole.

Some areas need to have re-touching due to that the tangency of the surfaces is not perfect (you can see at the pictures) so I just open the 3D sketch and do some small change at the node tangency (constrains)

As you can see there is a lot of work and has take me two weeks (minimum) to make the body.

The other parts are very simple and easy to make, for indication the "Indicator Lamp" it has take less than halve hour to make but the damn thing need to have 10 minutes to render due to the use of "Reflective Glass"

To come back to your question, if I work a lot with SW, the answer is: Yes in the last time I use only SW.
But you know it is the passion for the Cobra that makes the difference.

If I can help with something in SW let me know, perhaps I can help you to solve the problem.

I have made a design of a revolutionary pedal box that will solve a lot of problems of the actual situation. (Say poor design)
I like to introduce it in the near future as a NON commercial base, just to cover the cost of fabrication.
So when I got 10x people that like to change their pedals setup than we go for manufactoring.
All made in SW with simulation of the movements and with stress calculations.

Yesterday between the posting of this thread I did make the Head Lamp design, sorry if you don't like but it is based on the CIBIE lamp.
Here is a picture of the result.

Thanks for your attention Mischa, my name is Carlos.

Cobra & computer (plus adressenlijst en links) / Cobra 3D Works (Fotos)
« Gepost op: maart 04, 2008, 20:53:19 pm »
Hi Richard,

This roll-bar was just a try to see what are the possibilities with a welding elbow type. It is a replication of the DAX Rush.

Right now the reinforcing leg is to far and it will have some problems with a soft-top.
But the idea is nice because you can add this provision even if your body has been installed.
As you can see the reinforcing is mounted at the rear leg of the chassis and that leg is accessible from the wheel box.

If you have some ideas that you like to see how they will be in the real world 3D I can give a shot to show them here.

Here is a shot how it looks without the body.

There are several details on this model that will differ from the standard DAX, that is because it is just my Cobra with all the changes that I did.

I will post in this thread the progress of the 3D works, as you can see there are lots of parts that should be made, like the wind screen and the over-riders.


Cobra & computer (plus adressenlijst en links) / Cobra 3D Works (Fotos)
« Gepost op: maart 04, 2008, 19:39:05 pm »
Hi there,

For the interested or 3D lovers.
Here is a series of pictures made from the 3D Cobra model that I am working on.

I did put my self for the difficult task of modeling the Cobra Body with SolidWorks.
It is difficult, because this software is based on solids and means that I can send this file to a CNC machine and produce a mold for fabrication.

It would be nice to have a carbon fiber body in our Cobras.

Right now my PC become the limitation of the design, so if someone has a real Work-Station getting dust, with a nice Open-GL video card, I know nice home your work-station.

It is not perfect but it is just like me.

Please check it and make comments, probably I can do the changes.

Check this picture, it is a simple indicator lamp but it is very close to the reality, watch the thread of the bolt, the reflection cuts at the inside.

The brake caliper was not so difficult I have one sample at home, so with some measurament and  a couple of hours work the Girling caliper was modeled.

Brake disk from EBC easy to make when you know how to do it.

The Jaguar front top wishbones.

My air filter box with the K&N filter.

Other view of the body.

All the stuff work together you can see here the front suspension simulation. It is 11MB.


Het Cobra café / Boyd Coddington overleden
« Gepost op: maart 04, 2008, 18:52:14 pm »
Sjoerd you are my man, you did say the right words.
I have seen almost all the series and some of them have it DVD.

We can now follow Chip Foose, there you can see sometimes "Mike"


Cobra: algemene discussie / Vette olie in je motor
« Gepost op: maart 04, 2008, 18:40:50 pm »
I did quote the word "vetter" because this word means something totally different as "Oil"
Grease = Vetten have a totally different viscosity than oil.
So when you get a viscosity nomination of 20W50 all the oils with these nomination have the same viscosity so they never will have one that is more greasy than the other.

So I was pointing to this fact "OIL vs. GREASE" and not to the ingredients of the determined Oils.

For me is it simple:
Een bout zal nooit een moer worden, alhoewel beiden hebben schroefdraad.


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