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The Cobra shop is open / TE KOOP DAX Cobra [VERKOCHT]
« Gepost op: maart 02, 2013, 12:59:55 pm »

Na vele jaren plezier, helaas, moet ik mijn DAX Cobra verkopen.
Je kan alle informatie vinden op mijn site.




Cobra & computer (plus adressenlijst en links) / Cobra 3D Works (Fotos)
« Gepost op: maart 04, 2008, 19:39:05 pm »
Hi there,

For the interested or 3D lovers.
Here is a series of pictures made from the 3D Cobra model that I am working on.

I did put my self for the difficult task of modeling the Cobra Body with SolidWorks.
It is difficult, because this software is based on solids and means that I can send this file to a CNC machine and produce a mold for fabrication.

It would be nice to have a carbon fiber body in our Cobras.

Right now my PC become the limitation of the design, so if someone has a real Work-Station getting dust, with a nice Open-GL video card, I know nice home your work-station.

It is not perfect but it is just like me.

Please check it and make comments, probably I can do the changes.

Check this picture, it is a simple indicator lamp but it is very close to the reality, watch the thread of the bolt, the reflection cuts at the inside.

The brake caliper was not so difficult I have one sample at home, so with some measurament and  a couple of hours work the Girling caliper was modeled.

Brake disk from EBC easy to make when you know how to do it.

The Jaguar front top wishbones.

My air filter box with the K&N filter.

Other view of the body.

All the stuff work together you can see here the front suspension simulation. It is 11MB.


Het Cobra café / Sommigen geloven het!
« Gepost op: december 13, 2007, 13:31:22 pm »

Check the "METRO" from today.

It looks like the "Yuppie" world don't know what is good or bad and need a fair.
Logic because they like to be stupid.

What do you think?
Does a Cobra need a "Blondie"


Cobra & computer (plus adressenlijst en links) / 350 cid Motor
« Gepost op: november 16, 2007, 01:01:59 am »

Algemene techniek / "Benelux Kit Car Electric Guide" REV-00
« Gepost op: augustus 22, 2007, 14:18:54 pm »

This Kit Car world is based on mechanical guy's that don't have affinity for electricity.
We all can talk about and engine or the exhaust, but went it comes to electricity, we start to get problems.

So the idea is to put here together with YOU a "Base Reference Book of Electricity" for all of us that need some help.
Any advise or ideas are welcome, all the tricks and experiences can be discussed. At the end we can have a nice "Benelux Kit Car Electric Guide"

Het Cobra café / London run video
« Gepost op: juni 27, 2007, 22:28:20 pm »
Hi guys,

Here is a video with lots of Cobra sprints. it is 12 Mb but very nice.

I like to have some kind of context. It is just fun.

Nice to watch:
- The police help to have fun at the street with our Cobras (Oops! it is at the USA)
- Check how much is the influence of a bad choice of differential ratio. Just big is not OK........
- Watch how hard clamp the door one of the passengers. He is shaking!

- Can you tell me witch car has and Chevy engine on it?
- Let me know how many times you did re-wind (my self 15x)

The link:


Algemene techniek / In 5 Seconds to 70
« Gepost op: juni 24, 2007, 21:18:48 pm »
Yeha! right easy to do it, isn't?

Well we used the drill machine to prime the engine and get it the right pressure, and after 5 seconds we goat 70 PSI.
Woap! in two seconds at 40 PSI and climb till the 70 PSI.

Insert Image:

41,9 KB

But now we need to get oil at every rocker and that means that the roller lifter need to have oil.

It took 20 minutes and a drill machine we used a cheap just for this job, don't use a good one! you will fry it.
Yes 20 minutes at full power 500w to get oil at every rocker.
Smoke everywhere and smell like hell. but at the end we goat the desired oil.

Insert Image:

47,92 KB

The drill still works but I think that it did loose 50% of his capabilities.
It was a moment that we were forced to stop because it was so hot, that we couldn't hold in our hands.

Notice that we did use a mechanical oil pressure gauge. Mechanical Gauges are more reliable and accurate.
No matter what kind you use, but be aware that it is functional, others you can have a bad day waiting for pressure.

I hope that this is interesting for you.


Algemene techniek / Manifold Porting
« Gepost op: juni 07, 2007, 19:34:14 pm »

I have take some pictures during my manifold porting.
We do this just to grab the last ponies from the engine and those are for free.

How to go?
You need to have the manifold gasket and with this one you make a mark with a sharp scriber from the openings at every port.
This will show the line where you will use as reference for the grind work.

It is called port matching, and the idea is to get less turbulence in the air flow, due that we remove the possible obstacles, sharp edges.
Because we are there we also smooth the surface by grinding all the casting imperfections.
See picture 1
Insert Image:

32,93 KB

The next picture shows both ports finish.
See Picture 2
Insert Image:

39,76 KB

The top of the manifold, as you can see the ribs are pretty tick and we can reduce a lot.
Insert Image:

45,02 KB

I go so far that only an small line will be shows, by radius's as much as possible.
Insert Image:

41,37 KB

Here is how it looks when both sides are done.
Insert Image:

44,28 KB

I need to say that this manifold is a Holley Stealth Ram that is used for an injection system, others are equivalent.
Insert Image:

49,15 KB

Because we use an injection system those inlet tracks should be as smooth as possible.
The Air Flow (Injected cars) is dry, in comparison to a manifold used in a carburated engine, those have a wet Air flow + Fuel mixture.

Because we have the dry Air Flow we can smooth the inlet ports by using paint, a nice enamel (Emaille) paint will smooth the surface and improve the dry Air Flow.

See next picture
Insert Image:

39,51 KB

Insert Image:

33,24 KB

But be alert that the last bit where the injectors are located there should NOT be painted.

Insert Image:

48,37 KB

Het Cobra café / When you get OLD.......
« Gepost op: mei 31, 2007, 12:19:44 pm »
A couple of day ago, I did get the message that "Grumpy" (Bruce) has passed on.

Hi was one of most honorable persons at the DIY-EPROM forum.
The so call CHIP tuning, is where it today thanks to this great man.

When you read or buy a WBO2 setup, think that this is possible thanks to his great input, he never did put his knowledge to make money, but some of the users did, that was his great battle. Today you will see how those companies make money from his knowledge.

I did learn a lot from him, one his personal comments to me was "Write down your changes" and "Comment it as much as possible".

But his greatest attitude for me, was that he accepted my ignorance and did help us the dummies.
He inspired me too and I will never forget his collaboration by the thread Source Code for Dummies

Grumpy did make friends all over the world. Me included, although I didn't know him personally, he was for me a Mentor-Friend.

What a great man!. THANKS GRUMPY

Insert Image:

41,82 KB
A picture of him at his GN, one of the most spoked car at the DIY-EPROM Forum.

Algemene techniek / Living Room Clean-Up
« Gepost op: mei 20, 2007, 22:17:41 pm »

I mentioned at other thread that Saturday I will clean-up my living room, my wife was very please with that.
I did remove a pile of dust, which weight 295Kg.

As you can remember from other thread my new engine build was at the living room and the gearbox too.
It was time to married the engine gearbox with the cassis body combination.
I have done a lot of changes at the Cobra chassis and body. See here a list:
-   Reinforcing the chassis at the tunnel
-   New steering system, Electrical Power Steering.
-   New Tunnel
-   New dashboard
-   New foot-boxes
-   Change the clutch pedal ratio.
-   Silicone protection of the driver foot box. (Heat protection)
-   Cladding the engine bay with stainless.

The “To-Do” list is huge but I will cover this at a later time.

Yesterday was a great day for me; everything went like it should be.

At 9:30 sharp the door bell went and our two Forum members Nico and Rob did show-up to help us with the engine installation. My oldest son “Iker” was all ready arrived and will also participate at the buildup session.
My youngest son “Eder” was in charge to install at the garage 3 new TL lamps on top of the engine bay.
The ladies where involved with the real clean-up of the living room and my desk too.

After a cup of coffee we decided to make our mind clear and start with loading the heavy thing.
Picture Eng-001.jpg
Insert Image:

30,14 KB

Before I came with some wood from the shed I found our engine outside the home.
Wow! That is fast!
Picture Eng-002.jpg
Insert Image:

46,35 KB

We did have chosen a good day because the weather did help us look to the blue sky.
Picture Eng-003.jpg
Insert Image:

43,83 KB

Those are the legs of three Cobra owners, all of them “under construction”
Picture Eng-004.jpg
Insert Image:

44,86 KB

“Busje komt zo”
Picture Eng-005.jpg
Insert Image:

43,08 KB

Just like that, four guys grabbing the exhaust and lift and one pull from the inside of the van.
Picture Eng-006.jpg
Insert Image:

42,51 KB

Rob, are you shore that this fixing would be OK? The response was clear YES; I have lots of experiences with fixing loadings. Do I need to say that the engine was rock solid tie-up?
Picture Eng-007.jpg
Insert Image:

29,16 KB

We did collect the Cobra at the garage to bring it to the working shop.
Picture Eng-008.jpg
Insert Image:

47,67 KB

The next pictures are from the engine bay ready for the encounter.
Picture Eng-008a.jpg
Insert Image:

37,45 KB
Picture Eng-008b.jpg
Insert Image:

34,78 KB
Picture Eng-008c.jpg
Insert Image:

42,32 KB
Picture Eng-008d.jpg
Insert Image:

48,96 KB

We are on the road; I start to get nervous but why? Everything goes right? You know it is tension day and the mile stone is a culmination of lots of efforts, one because my healthy is not OK and second because there is a lot of money involved.
But with this crew you don’t have to worry, what a team!.
Picture Eng-009.jpg
Insert Image:

27,63 KB

On the road we did cross a Silver Cobra; don’t know who it was because it was too fast for us.
Picture Eng-010.jpg
Insert Image:

26,63 KB

On bad times but also at great times, like yesterday, we are always close to “Feyenoord”
Picture Eng-011.jpg
Insert Image:

32,71 KB

After a safety instruction at the shop we did talk how to do it.
Look to the picture, the shop have a great lighting for Cobra Pictures.
Picture Eng-012.jpg
Insert Image:

39,03 KB

As you can see, this is a real “hands-on execution” we always treat our baby with care the blanket did protect the paint.
Picture Eng-013.jpg
Insert Image:

34,92 KB

The first adjusting where found. The clutch bracket didn’t allow fitting the UNC bolt head, I did try at home with metric bolts but the real bolt UNC is a bit bigger.
Nico did solved by just welding an Allen Head (Inbus head) to the bolt head, problem solved.
Picture Eng-014.jpg
Insert Image:

35,35 KB

We need to install the fly wheel cover, after a fast check we found that we need to do some work at the plate.
Picture Eng-015.jpg
Insert Image:

36,43 KB

Iker did put the engine mounts.
Picture Eng-016.jpg
Insert Image:

34,58 KB

Folding the fly wheel plate didn’t help!
This is a 1 pc main rear seal and has a special aluminum ring that holds the crankshaft seal therefore the fly wheel plates (standard ones) need to be adjusted, say cut to suit.
Picture Eng-017.jpg
Insert Image:

37,11 KB

Next try after rework of the plate, as you can see this is a better working level than lay down at the ground.
Picture Eng-018.jpg
Insert Image:

41,05 KB

Rob was in charge of the overhead crane, something that I miss at home!
Picture Eng-019.jpg

Insert Image:

47,13 KB

We did distribute our task, my son was involved with the gearbox support, Rob was the crane master Nico and myself with the front and sides of the engine.
Picture Eng-020.jpg
Insert Image:

49,27 KB

As you can see at the firewall of the engine compartment I have there the heater and need a bit attention to bring the engine home.
Picture Eng-021.jpg
Insert Image:

46,69 KB

Lower, Lower! Stop (we need to make a picture, here it is.
Picture Eng-022.jpg
Insert Image:

45,7 KB

A colleague from Rob did arrive for a job but he didn’t think a minute and did help us with the last bit.
Picture Eng-023.jpg
Insert Image:

44,2 KB

That sit engine is at the support; now see how bad the old T5 gearbox bracket is.
Picture Eng-024.jpg
Insert Image:

44,23 KB

A bit to the left, Oh! Not the other left! Rob was under the Cobra, and Nico too, not only to take the picture but to fix the bolts and nuts and washers.
Picture Eng-025.jpg
Insert Image:

22,34 KB

Now is my turn to dive!
Picture Eng-026.jpg
Insert Image:

41,63 KB

We were forced to lift the support by 8 mm plate but this give me a very narrow space between the gearbox top and the tunnel reinforcing.
I need to check this area more in detail but it will take a time.

We did have had a lunch and coffee brakes. I think that the lady of the house needs to have a compliment too for the very well prepared lunch box.

A satisfied man taking a drink after the engine was installed.
Picture Eng-027.jpg
Insert Image:

43,11 KB

All was prepared to drive back to the garage. But we found that the front left tire need some air, Oops! Gas station is close.
Picture Eng-028.jpg
Insert Image:

42,56 KB

A fast check with the top of the engine.
Picture Eng-029.jpg
Insert Image:

44,85 KB

Looking from other side, the new lighting at the garage is perfect.
Picture Eng-030.jpg
Insert Image:

44,5 KB

Other picture.
Picture Eng-031.jpg
Insert Image:

43,99 KB

I want to take this opportunity to thanks all the people involved, first to the ladies, second to the two club embers Rob and Nico and of course my sons.

We have had a great time!


Algemene techniek / Richfield Seats RX1191
« Gepost op: maart 07, 2007, 19:30:05 pm »

Algemene techniek / REAR TOE-IN (Easy Job)
« Gepost op: oktober 08, 2006, 20:54:50 pm »

Het Cobra café / Corvettes and Vipers Enter Here.
« Gepost op: augustus 31, 2006, 20:01:18 pm »

Forum mededelingen en uitleg / UITLEG FOTO’s VERKLEINEN
« Gepost op: augustus 29, 2006, 16:04:53 pm »
Resize is simple, but only once you know how to do it.

I will try to make a step by step description.

We need to download the software “JPEG Resizer”. It is free and you can download here:  <--- doesn't work!

Unzip the file and put at the directory what you want.
It doesn’t matter where you put it, it doesn’t need any installation.
It works independent from windows, so it will not write anything at your system.

Let’s say that we make a directory at the “C:” drive and we call it “Small Pictures”

Pick the file, “resizer.exe” from the unzipped directory, and set it at the new self made directory.
The rest of the files can be removed, they are not needed.

C:Small Pictures

We assume that you have all your photos at the directory

C:Fotos 2006

There we have one picture with the name “PDRM1842.JPG” (Just a fake picture to try)

See picture “Directories.jpg”
Insert Image:

<font size="1"> 36,42 KB</font id="size1">

Here you can see that the original picture has 0.98Mb

Now it is time to Double click the “resizer.exe” you will see the next screen:

See picture “start.jpg”
Insert Image:

<font size="1"> 26,79 KB</font id="size1">

We use the button “Add Files”  (at the right bottom side)

See picture “Add-Files.jpg”
Insert Image:

<font size="1"> 27,73 KB</font id="size1">

We point to the foto that we want to make smaller that is the “C:Fotos 2006PDRM1842.JPG” as we spoken above.

See picture Add-files2.jpg
Insert Image:

<font size="1"> 27,91 KB</font id="size1">
We can see now the next screen at the reziser.exe

See picture “Selected-file.JPG”
Insert Image:

<font size="1"> 28,41 KB</font id="size1">

We click now at the left side “2. Size” icon.

See picture “Size.JPG”
Insert Image:

<font size="1"> 29,12 KB</font id="size1">

Here is how it looks; we select only the marked area.

See picture Size-selection.JPG
Insert Image:

<font size="1"> 41,31 KB</font id="size1">

At the box “Make largest side fit this amount of pixels” we select 640.
This 640 can be changes but my experience is that this selection will give a nice detail and size at the forum.

Stay away from the rest, and don’t forget to mark the DOT at the left.

Now we click the icon “3. Output”

We should see the next but we need to point the software where the picture is located.
Use the “Browse” button and select the directory “C:Small Pictures”

See picture Output-01.JPG
Insert Image:

<font size="1"> 42,68 KB</font id="size1">

At the same screen we select the DOT  “Keep Filenames of source files”

See picture Output-02.JPG
Insert Image:

<font size="1"> 40,01 KB</font id="size1">

The next step is the selection of the compression.
I found that the “New Compression Factor” of 45 will give you a good result.
But if the size of the result picture is still to big (should be less than 50Kb), you need to select a larger compression.

See picture Output-03.JPG
Insert Image:

<font size="1"> 41,96 KB</font id="size1">

Don’t change anything of the other fields, till you have some experience.

The next step is the final resize.
You just click the icon "4. Resize" and you will see the next screen.

See Picture Done.jpg
Insert Image:

<font size="1"> 29,62 KB</font id="size1">


Now you can find at your directory “C:Small Pictures”

A file with the same name as the big one but it is smaller and you can place at the Forum.

The original file did have a size of 0.98Mb the new one has only 16.8Kb

See picture PDRM1842.JPG
Insert Image:

<font size="1"> 17,21 KB</font id="size1">

Please be aware that the small file has the same name as the original, so don’t make mistakes in directories by deleting the original file.
Keep always separate the directories, “Small” and Original”

<h3>FORUM Requirements</h3>
- The size should be less than 50Kb

- When you did select “Voor toevoegen attachement, klik de paperclip” and you did add the picture, you will need to scroll down at the box “Bericht”
There you will see that the attachment is placed with some other information.
If you let there, the picture will be always at the end of your post.

But when you like to have several pictures at a different location, like this post, you need to select the text that is placed at the bottom of the “Bericht” than you do a “Cut” (Knippen) and you do a “Paste” (plakken) there where you like to have the picture.

See picture forum.jpg
Insert Image:
<font size="1"> 47,35 KB</font id="size1">

- It is advisable to check it via the button “Voorbeeld”

- The pictures “Names” should not have space's in the picture name, the forum software will not accept it.

Good luck and let me know if this is understandable.


Algemene techniek / Engine Build-Up, Step by Step. (Update.20) Nov.
« Gepost op: juli 05, 2006, 17:28:30 pm »

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